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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Inspiration for this star from this lovely blog!

This has been a looong week. I've had fever for five days - today seems to be first day without it. I haven't had energy to do anything! It's been a bit frustrating just lie down five days all day long. Hope I'm going to get well now. 

One night I anyway had a little bit energy even to sit, not just lie, so I tried a nice idea of a paper Christmas star (the last picture.) Inspiration came from Sinkkisankos lovely blog :) Thanks Anu!

Have a great weekend! It's a official pre-Christmas party weekend at least here in Finland:) Have you any party plans?


  1. Heips
    Voi kurjuus, toivottavasti olosi on jo kohentunut.
    Kiitos kauniista sanoistasi!! Kiva, että innoistuit askartelemaan tähden. Kaunis tuli!
    Mukavaa adventtiaikaa ja pikaista paranemista,
    ps. meillä on vietetty pikkujouluja lähipiirin kesken ja ensi perjantaina on miehen työpaikan avec-juhlat, jonne ollaan suuntaamassa

  2. Täällä voidaan jo paremmin, kiitos:) Mukavaa pikkujouluaikaa sinne :)