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Sunday, June 12, 2011

the Blooming Basil

This sunday has been so nice and relaxed. 
I've been lying at the balcony just enjoying the morning sun. Today is sooo hot!
Something like 30 celsius degrees, I think.

I made for myself nice salmon-avocado salad for lunch and after nap, I went for a little walk. I found so nice little summer cáfe just here nearby. I took milk coffee and maple syrup-walnut ice cream. It was so good!

I also made a big can of iced green tea - but I think something is missing. It doesn't taste that good by itself. Any ideas, what could I put in it? :)

And then I noticed that my Thai Basil is blooming! It's pretty.
Listen this.


  1. Voi miten ihanan näkösii toi salaatti ja se aamupala... ja kaikki muutkin kuva, toi parveke... kaikki on ihanaa täs sun blogissa :)Kiva ku kirjoitat englaniks, ymmärsin kaiken :D haha tää on hyvää harjotteluu :) pusuja ja haleja <3 T: Jonttu :)

  2. lovely photos, lovely blog!


  3. Gorgeous photos! Its winter here in australia and its been very cold!!
    I am following your blog now!

  4. Thank you and wellcome :)
    I've been in Australia (QLD) once and I loved it! It was summer then.

    have a nice week!